Bad study habits commonly displayed by Nigerian students

According to statistics, about 73% of Nigerian students have poor reading cultures. This statistical findings is also evident in the massive number  of failures in national and international examination such as SSCE, NECO, UTME, POST UTME etc. According to same findings, a greater percentage of the 27% of students who take to studying engage in bad study habits which decreases the efficiency of their studies. We have therefore written this article to enlighten students on some bad study habits commonly displayed by Nigerian students.


studying while engaging in multiple activities is unproductive

Multitasking is one bad study habit displayed very commonly by Nigerian students, especially among those below 30  years of age. Many students feel that by doing so they are covering alot but this is in fact the opposite. For effective study, one needs to put in all concentration especially if it’s a new topic or something you haven’t learnt before.  Reading and multitasking has also been proven to reduce your brain retention capacity and develops with time into a stage that you can’t be focused even if you desired to.

Over Studying


The brain like most computers have a temporary information retention capacity or limit. Stretching it further will only lead to decline in health. It is advisable to take breaks after every 2-3 hrs of reading so as to cool off and blow off steam. Although, there are few cases, probably because its only when you get mad that it would be recorded, psychologists have proven that excessive and prolonged jacking renders significant damage to mental health. So next time, when going on a reading marathon, remember to take the time to cool off

Night Classes

bad study habits commonly displayed by Nigerian students

This issue would be debated by many who practice this method of study. Still, it’s not advisable for students who have tight lecture schedules during the day this because they one need as much rest as they can get at night. Also, working yourself up at night would also make you sleepy in the lecture hall and you will miss out on some of the important lecture remarks or on points which the lecturer might have emphasized. We therefore advice that you make a good use of your day maximizing every minute and go to rest at night. Those who still wish to study extra hours at night should study for just 2-3 hours so as to get the rest needed for the next day.

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bad study habits commonly displayed by Nigerian students

This is when you dwell on a particular topic, course or subject for too long. This is most often due to the fact that the student posses a certain liking or preference to that course. Spending long hours on one course only would lead to knowledge deficiency in other courses and a gradual loss of interest in those courses as well. Your affinity for that course as well is also threatened as your interest might decline as quickly as it rose. Student should therefore learn to read variety of materials for better understanding and to broaden the scope of learning.

By eliminating this bad study habits and imbibing good study habits one  would certainly go an extra mile in all academic endeavors.

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