Most often, alot of Nigerian students find themselves seeking for extra ways to earn money while studying on campus. This is due to the fact that continuous spending without a steady source of income would eventually lead one to being broke. For most people, it doesn’t take long on gaining admission into a higher institution that one realizes that parental support, support from relatives and the likes would not be enough to cater for all the needs associated with academic activities and life on campus in general. Some people also on getting to campus would wish to have a certain level of financial independability and pay their bills themselves. We are with you in such thinking and to assist you we have written this guide on some ways to earn money while studying on campus without affecting your academic performance.


ways to earn money while studying on campus
a large number of students earn money while studying on campus through photography

This is the one of the most common ways guys earn money on campus. It is also really easy to start as all one really needs is a good camera, some skills and knowledge in photography. The better your skill and camera the more patronage you will receive as everyone loves a good and well taken picture. You can also easily get access to a cheap or free photography learning workshop as it is featured in most skill acquisition programs. With the many exciting moments that students experience on campus there is an equal need to make those moments memorable. As such your good photographic skills could fetch you good money on occasions such as matriculation, graduation as well as various events that happens on campus. In addition to this, there is a high demand for passport photography on campus which you can utilize to your advantage.

Here’s a tip: You don’t really need to have an office to start. Grow your clientele from your friends, showcase your photography skills by taking soft elegant pictures of people or acquaintance for free or at a little price which you can send to them via social media. Doing this wouldn’t cost you anything and when next they need to take a picture, you will be on speed dial.

Helping with online registration

ways to earn money while studying on campus
Helping freshers and colleagues with online registration activities

Yup, this is also a major way to make extra cash while on campus. During UTME and Post UTME in many higher institutions in Nigeria you cannot help but notice the crowd of people who turn out to aid the freshers in registration of online forms, photo-card printing and the likes for a stipulated price of course. With a laptop and internet access you too can make an extra income for yourself by helping others to fill out registration forms, scholarship application forms, admission processes, result checking and the likes. As your clientele in this field grows your earnings would increase as well.

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Graphic Designing

ways to earn money while studying
Graphic designing

If you are good at graphics designing or any of the graphic design software like Photoshop, it’s high time you put such skill to good use and make an extra income from it. You can exploit many of the activities in and out of campus that require such graphic designing services such campus magazines, year books, gift cards, campaign banners and flyers and the likes. For you to succeed in this field you have to be quite good because it’s your work that would speak for you and attract clients and customers. This skill added to photography has proven to be a very good blend and it something you should most definitely try out.

Organizing Tutorials

Tutorial classes

Tutoring younger collegues at your free time for a stipulated monthly fee is also an efficient way of making money while on campus. Many freshers find it difficult to easily understand some topics and courses. This is most common in public schools were the number of students in a class is so large and the lecturer are not able to attend to and explain properly to all the students hence the need for private tutorials. Offering to aid ten students in their academic challenges for a fee of 1k to 2k monthly guarantees you of 10k – 20k monthly. For those who actually enjoy teaching this is considered a hobby for them.

Doing assignments for others

Science assignment

It’s natural for a few students to detest academic work or be lazy (oops, no offense meant) but still life is what it is. As such you can generously offer to take on some of the academic work of such lazy colleagues for a stipulated price, probably they have some other engagements to fulfill. Such academic activities may involve class assignments, projects and the likes. Although this might not fetch you much but it would fetch you something.

There are many more ways to earn money while studying on campus but for time we have written only this few.  We would be sure to extend this list sometime soon.

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