Food most Nigerian campus students eat in a day

The eating lifestyle of most Nigerian students on campus never cease to amaze. It’s wonderful how one could have such horrible nutritional intake and still carry out his/her daily routine with certain levels of effectiveness. Life on campus doesn’t give much time for a flamboyant meal due to the tight schedule of activities. Whereas some might find the time to cook, buy or eat such flamboyant meals, many wouldn’t be able to afford it.

While students studying in fancy private institutions might no nothing of this feat, we in the overpopulated public institutions have lived it, loved it and adapted to it. We have even given code names in form of binary digits to our adopted eating schedule which on getting to campus has taken shape to become 101, 011, 110 etc. This experience has formed precious memories in our lives but through it all we survived.
For those of you like me who have lived or currently live like this, this article on what most Nigerian campus students eat in a day would certainly not be able to narrate all your experience as such you can share your personal experience in the comment section so as to give our prospective students here a peek into what might await them.

What most Nigerian campus students eat for breakfast

Well most undergraduate females in university hostels prepare decent meals when they find the chance especially after the weekends, but for guys it’s mostly crap throughout. Unless of course one has a generous girlfriend or knows his way around the kitchen. Guys however for most of the time buy and eat already made or easy to make light meals for breakfast such as bread with fried eggs and beverages, corn flakes or everyone’s favorite noodles – Indomie

Well, either this or they skip breakfast, call it a zero and go for lectures without eating. This isn’t so bad if it’s done in an organized way. Look on the bright side you didn’t spend anything¬† !!


When most students are fortunate enough to have a lecture break they usually go between two choices. One, grab a bite from one of the schools cafeteria which are very notorious for selling nutritionally deficient foods with highly questionable hygiene or some road side food like the very popular African salad

what most Nigerian campus students eat in a day
Abacha (African salad)
what most Nigerian campus students eat in a day
Gala (sausage roll)

Generally, lunch on campus pretty much consists of a pile of junk for both sexes but especially for the guys. It is also a common habit for guys who retire to their hostels during this time to be equipped with spoons in their pockets. It’s a traditional survival technique to eat part of other people’s foods (friends tho) compiling an inadequate mixture in one’s bowels. It’s either this or another round of noodles or snacks. During this period, most ladies also go along with the junk food trend but however, it is not uncommon to encounter some eating well packed cooked meals for lunch which is quite enviable.

Launch pack

For the less fortunate students who are broke or whose lecturer wouldn’t stop teaching they have no choice but to call it a zero and hope for a compensating dinner.


Dinner is often accomplished in one of three ways;

One, you go to a friends place in groups after calling several people to find out who has already prepared food or you drop by a friends place unannounced just when you are sure they will be eating with a spare spoon (white plastic spoon) in your pocket. Just as i said before, going around hostels with a spare spoon in pocket is a survival skill that comes in handy for guys. Some also tag along with friends whom they expect to buy dinner or whose dinner can be shared but in doing so you have to be ready to return the favour sometime soon.

Another way is stopping by a restaurant to buy fast food. Well, most students can’t afford to keep it up for long without getting broke.

The last option is cooking your own food, but since most students are already worn out due to the days activities, one tends to end up with another round of instant noodles.

In Nigeria, it is very common for students to eat noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner or substitute it with cassa-flakes (soaked garri) and G-Nuts (groundnuts) or any other junk food which is readily available.

With a dietary habit as bad as this, one can easily grasp a bigger picture¬† of why students fall sick and breakdown when it’s close to exams and academic activities are at their peak. It should be noted however that no amount of reading or jacking as its called on campus is worth losing ones health over especially when it’s about time for examinations.

We hoped you enjoyed this article on what most Nigerian campus students eat in a day and we are sure you have some personal experiences of your own. You can share them with us in the comment section.

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