We all know that in general students eat alot and it’s inarguable that one tends to need alot of nutritious food to support the lots of brain work involved in learning and other academic activities. Although the common foods eaten by Nigerian students differ from region to region in the country being affected by what is most readily available and the local delicacies of the surrounding campus environment there are certain foods that are common to students all over Nigeria. For most students in different universities, it is practically impossible to go a week on campus without eating this foods either solely or in combination.

This foods commonly eaten by Nigerian students are not chosen because they are the most delicious, nutritious or appetizing but because they are low budget, fast and easy to make meals as most students have neither the time nor the resource to so often make much better. Therefore this cooking styles and eating habits have gradually risen to become a norm especially among the male folks. Without further ado here are 7 most common foods eaten by Nigerian students on campus.

Instant noodles – Indomie

There is no doubt that Nigeria’s most eaten instant noodles is also the most common food eaten by students as well. It’s also officially on record that students are the highest consumers of Indomie thus making the company embark on several advertisement campaigns in schools and higher institutions. Tho this precious food is also prepared and eaten with different combinations, it can also be eaten solely with no extra ingredient added. It also takes only about five minutes on fire to get ready. Due to its delicious taste, fast cooking and cheap cost most students eat in more often than any other packaged food item on campus. They are also ready to eat it three times a day without complaints.

Garri and Groundnut

major foods eaten by Nigerian students on campus
Garri and Groundnut (Cassa-flakes)

Soaked Garri (made from fried grounded cassava) or Oto with some groundnuts modernized as Cassaflakes and G-Nuts respectively is the most common food eaten by Nigerian campus students in every higher institution in the country. This delicacy is absolutely fast and easy to prepare. Different individuals have different styles of preparing it is garri, water and sugar and/or salt with groundnuts. Over the years this delicacy has been modified in different varieties, adding different ingredient combinations ranging from addition of beverages to addition of hibiscus tea (zobo) to butter and garri cake. It’s affordability also make it dear to students as life would be harder for many students without this essential commodity. The demand for garri in Nigerian universities is so high that entrepreneurs have taken to manufacturing and packaging it along with essential ingredients such as sugar and groundnut have the brand name – Garri mix.

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Concotion Rice

common foods eaten by Nigerian students on campus
Concotion Rice

For those of you who might not know what concotion rice is. Concotion rice is jellof rice cooked with as little ingredient as possible which most often is just Maggi, salt, Onga stew and palm oil. The rice is first parboiled and drives and put back to cook while the ingredients mentioned above are added when the food is getting soft. This student delicacy just like most others can be cooked in variety with different ingredients to the taste and satisfaction of the individual.

Bread and anything

common foods eaten by Nigerian students on campus
Bread and fried egg

Back in the days, the most suitable compliment for bread would be tea (beverages) and/or egg. While that still retains in most places in Nigeria it is not so in campus environs. There, virtually everything goes. Students can be seen eating bread along with several other food items in combination such as bread and noodles, bread and coke, bread with yoghurt, bread with beer, sardine, mackerel etc the list is virtually endless.

Jellof Spaghetti

common foods eaten by Nigerian students on campus
Jellof spaghetti

This is most often been used as a kind of substitute for rice and can be made as quickly as easily as concotion rice but also considered as a mom elaborate meal to many. ‘Spagg’ as it is fondly called on campus can be cooked in a variety of ways as well but the major ingredients are salt, seasoning cube and seasoning powder as well as tomato and oil. For those who can cook it well it would be noticed to taste better than concotion rice with the same limited ingredients.

Eba and anything that looks like soup

common foods eaten by Nigerian students on campus
Eba (garri)

A large number of students as a result of cultural upbringings are used to the local delicacies which involves swallow foods like semovita, amala, fufu and the most popular of them all – Eba/Garri. The craving for this food is witnessed mostly among the male folks however preparation for this food posses a peculiar financial challenge.

One wouldn’t need much in preparing the eba just garri and hot water.  But if one wishes to make soup to go along with it he/she would require a quite a number of ingredients if it is to be in any bit tasty. So therefore, due to the cost of ingredient required in making a well prepared soup which cannot be afforded so often most students seek other alternatives making concotion mixtures in the process to eat with the garri/eba. Making soup with eggs (egg soup) and putting leaves and okra in stew to eat with eba/garri is most common amongst such soup making practices.

Beans and Rice

common foods eaten by Nigerian students

Beans and rice is about one of the most decent and nutritious meals eaten by Nigerian students on campus. Jellof rice and beans is cheap and easy to make as well. The only problem that seems to be posed from cooking this meal is that it takes time to cook because of the beans content making it the least eaten on our list. However, this can be overcomed by using a pressure pot which is a luxury most students can’t afford on campus.

So there you have it,  these basically are the 7 most common foods eaten by Nigerian students all over the country. Thanks for reading.

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