Best study practices for Nigerian students

Reading is a vital part of learning and it’s the easiest method for the transfer of knowledge. It’s inarguable that for you to excel as a student in your academic work so you have to do alot of reading and studying. Unfortunately, many students find reading tiring. This we have researched and found to be because of the poor reading practices imbibed by such students. As such, to aid students in their studying we have written this article compilation on some scientifically proven best study practices for Nigerian students.

As such, if you are having reading difficulties and you would like to build a good and feasible reading culture, the tips shared in this article would be of great help for reading and easier understanding. Below are a few tips on some really effective study practices you can imbibe.

Frequent review

It has been discovered that the first time you hear a lecturer or study a new topic or concept, you would retain about 80% of what you have learnt if you review it again within 24 hours from learning it. Furthermore, if you continue reviewing it on a 48 hour basis after the first review for a week, you would be be able to retain 100% subsequently in just 10 minutes of study. Personally I’ve gotten great testimonies from people who followed this recommendation as this long term studying consistency habit is far more effective than cramming. In short, it is better to study close to the day you first learnt a topic than to the day of the test.

Active Recalling

It’s common for you to feel like you’ve known it well enough after covering a topic or book two or three times. This is due to the fact that your memory is triggered by having the book opened in front of you so,  before you finish a line,  you can remember what is three lines ahead. As such, if you’ve successfully finished a book or course twice we recommend that you don’t read it again but commence active recall.  During active recall we keep the book aside and try to pen down every detail therein which have learnt or remember. One most times at the end of this exercise discovers that there are some things which are not yet glued to memory.


Sleep over it

When we’ve got problems to deal with or big decisions to make we tend to want to sleep over it even if sometimes it’s only in a manner of speaking. In the same vein, if you are finding it difficult to understand a particular topic, phenomenon or concept here is what we advise. First, give it all you’ve got,  try really hard to understand it believing that It’s not as difficult as it presents. With the thought of that challenge on your mind, take a nap or sleep – afterall you do deserve it. It’s been proven by psychologists that your subconscious mind carries on in solving the problem while in your sleep and if you aren’t aware – your subconscious mind is more brilliant than your conscious one. Although this doesn’t guarantee that you would instantly understand what you don’t know, it has proven to be effective for some individuals including myself.

Practice Exams

Another good study practice to imbibe is that of practice exams or mock testing. Although many students tend to recollect more and produce answers to questions conveniently this would most likely not be the same in typical exam conditions where on has to deal with the pressure of time and total independability. As such many students who do well in answering questions on their own flop same exams under examination conditions. To guarantee success in your exams, it is best to subject your knowledge to test in simulated examination conditions. A smarter move is to make your simulation tougher than the actual examination conditions thereby making yourself prepared for success even in worse case scenarios.

Put yourself in the teachers shoes

Research has proven that you tend to understand more on a topic or concept when you study it like you are eventually going to teach it to someone. This mindset when studying will help you to understand every bit of connecting detail on the subject matter thereby making it easier to remember. Studying this way will enhance your performance in exams.

There are many more great study practices for Nigerian students but for time we have posted only this few. This article would be updated frequently to contain more study practices to help your study.

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